New story! Raspberry Pi enters thin client mainstream

NComputing’s “RX-HDX” thin client joins ViewSonic’s newly revised “SC-T25” as the second major Citrix HDX ready thin client based on the Raspberry Pi 3. Is the Raspberry Pi ready to take over the low-end thin client market? This week, NComputing unveiled the RX-HDX, its second Raspberry Pi based thin client.]

New story! Debian GNU/Linux 9 "Stretch" Operating System Slated for Release on June 17, 2017

The long-anticipated Debian GNU/Linux 9 "Stretch" operating system now has a release date, as one of the team members announced a few moments ago that the distribution is slated for release on June 17, 2017.

New story! 5 myths busted: Using open source in higher education

  • (Posted by bob on May 26, 2017 8:33 PM EDT)
  • Groups: Linux; Story Type: News Story
Have you ever heard someone say, "It's impossible to do X with Linux"? Me too. This is the story of how I busted the myths about open source in my own head and used Linux to finish my PhD in fine arts. Many people think non-technical students can't use Linux, and they make a lot of assumptions about people who use it in their advanced degree programs. They scoff and reply with something along the lines of, "Well, of course; those people do 'computer stuff,' but in my [lofty, important, unique area] it's just not possible." Well, it is possible, and I'm proof. read more

New story! Hurray For Init Freedom! Devuan 1.0.0 Stable Just Released!

  •; By (Posted by tuppp on May 26, 2017 6:39 PM EDT)
  • Groups: Debian
Devuan Jessie 1.0.0 Stable is a major milestone in the new path drawn by the Devuan project and its development has provided an opportunity to lay down a strong foundation for the Devuan community. As promised, this will also be a Long-Term-Support (LTS) release.

Of course, the best part is NO SYSTEMD!!!

New story! 5 Arduino projects to upgrade your car

  • (Posted by bob on May 26, 2017 4:44 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
From prohibition-era moonshiners to the 2000s MTV classic Pimp My Ride, people have repairing, upgrading, and modifying their cars for a long time. More recently, low-cost microcontrollers like the Arduino have opened new doors for makers looking to do fun and interesting things with their vehicles. read more

New story! Wine 2.9 released with support for Direct3D tessellation shaders

  •; By Liam Dawe (Posted by liamdawe on May 26, 2017 2:50 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Games
Wine 2.9 is now officially available and it's a very interesting one. Fantastic work from the Wine developers. The Witcher 3 runs better on Linux now.

New story! 15 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 17.04

Well, last month Canonical released a new version of Ubuntu which is version 17.04. This will be the last version with unity and canonical will be switch back to GNOME. If you are that kind of person that likes to have everything updated to the latest version you should consider upgrading. If you are LTS kind of person, just keep using your LTS version and wait for 18.04 LTS. Below are some tips to do after installing Ubuntu 17.04.

New story! Secure your webserver with improved Certbot

  • Fedora Magazine (Posted by bob on May 26, 2017 11:01 AM EDT)
  • Groups: Fedora; Story Type: News Story
A year and a half ago the Let’s Encrypt project entered public beta. Just over a year ago, as the project left beta, the letsencrypt client was spun out of ISRG, which continues to maintain the Let’s Encrypt servers, into... Continue Reading →

New story! APTIK- Have Settings Will Travel!

  •; By wizardfromoz (Posted by kprojects on May 26, 2017 9:07 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial
This How To article was prompted by participating in a Topic elsewhere where the Member was hoping to move his existing install of Linux Mint from a unit it shared with Windows 10 to a new SSD he had purchased which would be totally Linux driven.

New story! Devuan 1.0 Officially Released, It's Based on Debian Jessie, but without systemd

Announced for the first time back in November 2014, Devuan is a Debian fork that doesn't use systemd as init system. It took more than two and a half years for it to reach 1.0 milestone, but the wait is now over and Devuan 1.0.0 stable release is here.

New story! Linux-based gizmo offers remote monitoring and control of 3D printers

The $70 “Waggle” remote controller device for 3D printers offers a mobile app with a video feed and temp controls, plus a cloud-based slicing service. A Seoul-based startup called Ateam Ventures is closing in on its $10,000 Kickstarter goal for a Waggle 3D printer controller equipped with WiFi and a 720p video camera.

New story! Red Hat Acquires Codenvy to Advance Cloud-Based Developer Tools

  • eWEEK; By Sean Michael Kerner (Posted by red5 on May 26, 2017 4:53 AM EDT)
  • Groups: Cloud, Red Hat
Codenvy's technology platform is based on the open-source Eclipse Che online developer workspace effort, providing a cloud based Integrated Developer Environment for building code.

New story! Why Is Linux More Secure Than Windows?

When choosing an operating system, there are many different factors that are taken into consideration. However, security is becoming increasingly important. You only need to look at the news to see the increasing number of data breaches that are occurring around the world at present. Choosing an operating system with care is your first step when defending your personal data. With that in mind, read on to discover the reasons why Linux is more secure than Windows.

New story! How to save keystrokes at the command line with alias

  • (Posted by bob on May 26, 2017 2:24 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
The alias command-line tool is both useful and relatively simple. Its purpose is to simplify a single-line command by creating a custom name for it. There is a good chance that you already have some aliases even if you've never used the tool. In Bash, aliases can be created with a simple text editor and are stored in your $HOME/.bashrc file. If you want to see what aliases have been set up, take look at that file, or simply type alias on a command line and press Enter/Return. read more

New story! Quick Guide: How to Linux get ip address

This post will quickly guide about how to use Linux to get IP address, subnet and related networking information.

New story! The Current Phase of the Moon

Ladies and gentlemen, we've left Mars. Well, at least I'm done with the Martian lander from my past few articles. I hope you had chance to experiment with it and find out that it's not too easy to land a craft on any planet!

New story! Resetter – Simple Way To Reset Ubuntu/Linux Mint To Factory Defaults

  •; By Magesh Maruthamuthu (Posted by 2daygeek on May 25, 2017 10:41 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Mint, Ubuntu
Resetter is an application built with python and pyqt that will help users to reset an Ubuntu, Linux Mint and few other Linux distributions to factory defaults alike back to its factory settings.

New story! 5 laws every aspiring DevOps engineer should know

  • (Posted by bob on May 25, 2017 9:27 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
"A good engineer is a lazy engineer," some will say. And to a certain extent, it's true: Laziness is a great quality if you're automating repetitive tasks. But laziness flies in the face of learning new technologies and getting new work done. Somewhere between Junior Systems Administrator and Senior DevOps Engineer, laziness no longer becomes an advantage. Let's discuss the five laws aspiring DevOps engineers should follow if they want to become great DevOps engineers. read more

New story! Skylake industrial PC offers DDR4 and front facing I/O

  • (Posted by bob on May 25, 2017 8:12 PM EDT)
  • Groups: Linux; Story Type: News Story
Adlink launched a rugged, Linux-ready “MVP-5000” industrial PV with 6th Gen Core processors, up to 32GB DDR4 RAM, and mini-PCIe based wireless options. The MVP-5000 is a close cousin to last year’s MVP-6000, the first in Adlink’s “value line” series of rugged, fanless MVP computers, which offer much of the functionality of its MXE line […]

New story! FreeFileSync The Best Backup And File Synchronization Tool For All Platforms

  •; By Mohd Sohail (Posted by MohdSohail on May 25, 2017 6:58 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews; Groups: Linux
?We all have our precious data stored on our PC that we love very much, such as pics, office documents, important files and other stuff. We all try to make a backup of this in mostly one of our external hard disks as the Internet isn’t that fast all the time. But haven’t you felt tired to create exact same folders with same permissions, icons, date and time and many other things to maintain while copying files from one disk to another? Especially copying permissions is not an easy task for us. ??This is why today we are going to discuss an awesome file syncing software called FreeFileSync.

New story! Which tools do you depend on for your DevOps workflow?

  • (Posted by bob on May 25, 2017 5:44 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
DevOps is mostly about culture change. Being successful is all about finding ways to bridge the gap between the builders and the maintainers, bringing projects to fruition and updating them in shorter cycles to maintain a competitive advantage. But at the end of the day, you need the right tooling to make it all work. read more

New story! Distro watch for Ubuntu lovers: What's ahead in Linux land

Elementary OS, my dear penguin? With the death of Unity, Canonical will focus more attention on Ubuntu servers, Ubuntu in the cloud and Ubuntu in the so-called Internet of Things.…

New story! How to Install Spotify On Fedora Linux

Spotify is probably the most popular streaming music service in the world right now, and it does have a native Linux client. Unfortunately, that client isn't available in the official Fedora repositories or the Spotify Linux repositories. The community has come to the rescue, though, and it is available from a popular third party Fedora repository that is even recommended by the Fedora Project.

New story! How to Build a Custom Kernel on Ubuntu

Building a custom Linux kernel sounds terrifyingly difficult, but it’s really not that hard. Learn how to build and package your own kernels on Ubuntu.

New story! Samba Patches Critical Remote Code Execution Flaw

  • eSecurityPlanet; By Sean Michael Kerner (Posted by red5 on May 25, 2017 8:47 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Security
Widely deployed open-source file and folder project sharing fixes a dangerous vulnerability that could still be leaving consumer NAS users at risk.

New story! Microsoft uses open-source software to create Windows

  • ZDNet; By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols (Posted by bob on May 25, 2017 7:33 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Microsoft
Windows will almost certainly never be open source, but virtually all Microsoft Windows engineers are now using the open-source program Git to build Windows on.

New story! Quad-core x86 MinnowBoard and UP Squared SBCs begin shipping’s “MinnowBoard Turbot Quad” and Aaeon’s UP Squared SBCs began shipping, featuring community sites and Intel SoCs running Linux and Android. On May 23, Intel-backed and ADI Engineering began shipping the first quad-core MinnowBoard, selling for $190.

New story! Cinnamon 3.4 Desktop Environment Gets First Point Release for Linux Mint 18.2

  • Softpedia; By Marius Nestor (Posted by hanuca on May 25, 2017 5:04 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Mint
Linux Mint project leader and Cinnamon developer Clement Lefebvre published the first point release of the recently unveiled Cinnamon 3.4 desktop environment, which will be included in the upcoming Linux Mint 18.2 operating system.

New story! 30 best practices for software development and testing

  • (Posted by bob on May 25, 2017 3:50 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Joining any new company—with an established culture and programming practices—can be a daunting experience. When I joined the Ansible team, I decided to write up the software engineering practices and principles I’ve learned over the years and to which I strive to work. This is a non-definitive, non-exhaustive list of principles that should be applied with wisdom and flexibility. read more

New story! Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 Set to Improve Security Features

  • eWEEK; By Sean Michael Kerner (Posted by red5 on May 25, 2017 2:35 AM EDT)
  • Groups: Red Hat
Beta release of Red Hat's flagship Linux platform adds support for Network Bound Disk Encryption and the USBGuard software framework, providing improved security.

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