New story! KaOS 2015.11 Screenshot Tour

As always with this rolling distribution you will find the very latest packages for the Plasma Desktop, this includes Frameworks 5.16.0, Plasma 5.4.3 and KDE Applications 15.08.3. Most notable major updates to the base of the system are the Boost 1.59.0/ICU 56.1 stack, Glib2 2.46.2 stack, a move of Mariadb to the 10 series, Perl 5.22.0 stack, Linux 4.2.6, all Texlive packages updated to their 2015 versions, Qt 5.5.1 and systemd 228.

New story! Mirantis and FusionStorm Partner on OpenStack Datacenter Appliances

Mirantis, the OpenStack vendor, and datacenter company FusionStorm have joined forces to provide "turnkey" open source cloud computing solutions for the enterprise.

New story! How to install FuelPHP with Nginx on a Debian 8 VPS

FuelPHP is a PHP framework which is simple, flexible and driven by the community. It is designed from the ground up to support the Hierarchical model–view–controller (HMVC) and it provides command line tool to create projects, debug projects or perform similar tasks. Today we will show you how to install FuelPHP on a Linux VPS.

New story! Reddit will honor 'Do Not Track' requests from visitors

Reddit has decided to honor 'Do Not Track,' a feature that will ensure that it does not download third-party analytics on to browsers that enable the option.

New story! Black Duck Survey: Open Source More Popular than Ever for Companies

Open source software's presence within the business world has nearly doubled since 2010, according to Black Duck Software's latest "Annual Future of Open Source" survey.

New story! KNOPPIX 7.6.0 Live Linux OS Officially Released, Features Popular 3D Programs

Klaus Knopper announced that the distribution is officially available for anyone who wants to download it.

New story! Step By Step Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) LAMP Server Setup

  •; By (Posted by gg234 on Nov 24, 2015 11:47 PM EDT)
  • Groups: Linux, Ubuntu
Step By Step Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) LAMP Server Setup

New story! 9 MongoDB success stories

The open source MongoDB NoSQL database is powering an increasing number of websites and services. Here are nine examples of organizations transforming their business with MongoDB.

New story! Non-Linux FOSS: Install Windows? Yeah, Open Source Can Do That.

For my day job, I occasionally have to demonstrate concepts in a Windows environment. The most time-consuming part of the process is almost always the installation. Don't get me wrong; Linux takes a long time to install, but in order to set up a multi-system lab of Windows computers, it can take days!

New story! Why ChromeOS Tops Linux, Mac and Windows

Those who know me best are quick to let me know: I'm a touch stubborn on certain matters. But there is one area where I've found myself caving to the pressures of reality. In this article, I'll make a case for why I believe ChromeOS might end up winning the OS wars.

New story! How to install Nginx as Reverse Proxy for Apache on Ubuntu 15.10

Nginx or - engine-x - is a high-performance web server with low memory usage, created by Igor Sysoev in 2002. Nginx is not just a web server, it can be used as a reverse proxy for many protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, POP3, SMTP, and IMAP and as a load balancer and HTTP cache as well. In this tutorial, I will install and configure Nginx as caching reverse proxy for an Apache web server on Ubuntu 15.10.

New story! FOSS Powered Learning Center Name a ‘Thank You’

I don’t remember much. Diane, my youngest daughter Amanda, my ex-wife and others were at my bedside. I was heavily sedated and could barely speak. It was a carousel of faces and nurses, all in their own way, trying to bring me comfort. However, my life partner Diane wasn’t having any of the take-me-home-and-make-me-comfortable thing. She would have none of that. She demanded that an oncologist see me.

New story! KNOPPIX 7.6.0 Screenshot Tour

Version 7.6.0 of KNOPPIX is based on the usual picks from Debian stable and newer graphics drivers or desktop software packages from Debian testing and Debian unstable. New in 7.6.0: Linux kernel (still 4.2.2, thorougly tested) and system software (Debian 'Jessie') updated; new experimental version of Compiz 3D window manager; LXDE (default) with PCManFM 1.2.3 file manager, KDE 5.4 (boot option 'knoppix desktop=kde'), GNOME 3.18 (boot option 'knoppix desktop=gnome'); WINE version 1.7.50 (git) for integration of Windows-based programs; QEMU 2.4 for (para-)virtualization; Electrum 2.5.4 for managing Bitcoin wallets.

New story! How to back up a WordPress wesite to remote cloud storage

Building a website with beautiful design and killer content is a huge undertaking. Compared to the time, money and effort put into crafting a website, people however tend to pay surprisingly little attention to "backing up" the website they have built. It is no-brainer to understand that without a proper backup, you stand to lose months or years of investments in your website should something bad happen to the website, be it accidental deletion of files, faulty software/database upgrade, website defacement by hackers, disk/filesystem failure, etc. Especially for websites like WordPress-powered blogs which get updated often with daily postings, comments and plug-in upgrades, regular backup is something you must not be lazy about as a website owner.

New story! The MLED project gets its own website

  • Microlinux; By Niki Kovacs (Posted by kikinovak on Nov 24, 2015 4:09 PM EDT)
  • Groups: Slackware
The MLED project finally gets its own website with lots of information as well as detailed documentation. The entire website is available in english and in french.

New story! Linux Top 3: RHEL 7.2, Puppy Linux 6.3 and Bodhi 3.1.1

Releases big and small debut.

New story! Visualize astrophysics data with Blender

  • (Posted by bob on Nov 24, 2015 2:15 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
The Blender Conference has become a fantastic showcase not just of attractive art and animation, but also unconventional uses of Blender and open source software. read more

New story! The tar command explained

  • Howtoforge Linux Howtos und Tutorials (Posted by bob on Nov 24, 2015 1:18 PM EDT)
  • Groups: GNU, Linux; Story Type: News Story
The Linux tar command is the swiss army of the Linux admin when it comes to archiving or distributing files. Gnu Tar archives can contain multiple files and directories, file permissions can be preserved and it supports multiple compression formats. The name tar stands for "Tape Archiver", the format is an official POSIX standard.

New story! Install Netrunner Rolling 2015.11 on encrypted LVM using Thus

  •; By finid (Posted by finid on Nov 24, 2015 12:21 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial
Though a great idea and project, Calamares does not yet have support for disk encryption? and LVM, the Linux Logical Volume Manager, two features that are supported by Thus, the graphical installer that Calamares replaced.

New story! Drupal-based farmOS manages food, farmers, and community

FarmOS is a Drupal-based software project aimed at easing the day-to-day management of a farm. It allows different roles to be assigned to managers, workers, and viewers. Managers can monitor how things are going with access to the whole system, workers can use the record-keeping tools, and viewers have read-only access to, for example, certify the farm's records. I spoke with Mike Stenta, lead developer of farmOS and active developer since 2010, and he had a number of reasons for using Drupal and putting their files, code, and documentation on GitHub. read more

New story! Netrunner 17 Screenshot Tour

The Netrunner team is happy to announce the release of Netrunner 17 (codename Horizon) - 64-bit version. (Note that the 32-bit version remains at 16 until 18 LTS). Netrunner 17's codename was chosen as an indication of a mature Plasma finally emerging at the horizon with another update of KDE Plasma, Frameworks and Applications. The desktop is now at Plasma 5.4.3 together with KDE Applications 15.08.2 and many more programs and libraries updated to their latest versions. Firefox with built-in Plasma support ships as 42.0.3.

New story! Help Fedora test Wayland!

The Workstation Working Group has announced a bold plan: make GNOME on Wayland our default in Fedora 24 Workstation. It’s already become the default option in Rawhide — the rolling development version of Fedora. But the plan’s not carved in stone....

New story! Sabayon 15.11 KDE: hot, hotter and burnt

Sabayon is a distribution not famous among majority of Linux fans. Although, it still has a decent army of followers. It is in Top 30 of distributions, according to Distrowatch.

New story! An Everyday Linux User Review Of Linux Lite

  • Everyday Linux User; By Gary Newell (Posted by gary_newell on Nov 24, 2015 7:35 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews
It is over 2 years (almost 3) since I last reviewed Linux Lite. Linux Lite is a lightweight distribution built for ease of use. It uses the XFCE desktop environment and is based on Ubuntu LTS. The best features are the Lite Installer and the Control Centre. It competes in the same space and Linux Mint XFCE or MATE, Xubuntu, SolydXK, Zorin Lite etc.

New story! Home security gateway runs Linux, features glowing orb

Dojo-Labs announced a Linux-based “Dojo” home security gateway that notifies users of security threats via a mobile app and a glowing orb. An Israeli startup called Dojo-Labs has launched $99 presales on its Dojo security device, with shipments due March 8. After the first year, yearly subscriptions cost an additional $99 per year. CEO Yossi […]

New story! Debian-Based Q4OS Linux Distro Gets Stable ARM Port for Raspberry Pi 2 SBCs

We've just been informed by the developers of the Q4OS GNU/Linux distribution about the general availability of the first stable release of the ARM port of the OS for Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi 2 SBCs (single-board computers).

New story! How to Baffle Web Trackers by Obfuscating Your Movements Online

Online ad networks and search engines love it when you surf around. Everything you do-every page you load, every query you type-helps them build a profile of you, the better to sell ads targeting your interests. Spy agencies are probably also happy to track your online moves.

New story! Network security primer: What is access control?

During its testimony on security weaknesses among federal agencies this week, the Government Accountability Office detailed a number of critical elements that make up effective protection systems.

New story! Replace the GNOME Terminal on Ubuntu 15.10 with the Terminator

  • (Posted by finid on Nov 23, 2015 11:00 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: GNOME
If you spend a great deal of time at the Linux command line, you need a good shell terminal application, ideally one that has support for tabs and split screens.

New story! Why viral licensing is a ghost

A brief analysing of the distinction between weak and strong copyleft (sometimes called viral licensing - a pejorative name for copyleft licences) based on the European Directive on the legal protection of computer programs.

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