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  2. NYSE and Deutsche Borse merger chiefs size up single Red Hat Linux trading platform
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  5. London Stock Exchange in historic Linux go-live
  6. London Stock Exchange smashes world record trade speed with Linux
  7. Hold The Celebrations; H.264 Is Not The Sort Of Free That Matters
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  13. OpenSolaris board may disband over Oracle silence
  14. Realising the Dream of Open Source Hardware
  15. Spotify Linux app goes live
  16. Google App Inventor makes creating Android apps easy
  17. Nokia opens Symbian to Java apps
  18. Open Source: It's all LinkedIn
  19. Marten Mickos: Open Source Needs To Have An Unfair Advantage To Succeed
  20. Cisco announces Google Android tablet device
  21. Mozilla patches nine flaws in Firefox
  22. Dell may sell Google Chrome OS pre-installed
  23. Mozilla designer says Google Chrome uses speed tricks
  24. Google Android Market lets developers down
  25. London event looks to boost Ubuntu users
  26. Can virtual PCs save desktop Linux?
  27. Android gets SDXC flash driver, Microsoft gets royalties
  28. Open Sourcing Politics
  29. Chip makers form Linaro Linux group
  30. Open Data: Fantastic, But Not Enough
  31. GNU/Linux *Does* Scale – and How
  32. Hackers promise demo of Google Android rootkit
  33. Open source 3D printers abound at Maker Faire
  34. Nokia confirms no MeeGo upgrade for N900
  35. Google takes Chrome for Mac and Linux out of beta