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  1. LXLE 14.04.2 & 12.04.5 Release Notes with Screenshots
  2. LXLE 14.04.1 & 12.04.5 released.
  3. LXLE Releases 14.04 64bit & 12.04.4 32bit (revisited)
  4. LXLE 12.04.4 officially released.
  5. Gates Spends Entire First Day Back in Office Trying to Install Windows 8.1
  6. LXLE Gives New Zest to Old Machines
  7. Steve Jobs, Google CEO plotted ‘gentlemen’s agreement ’ to keep wages down
  8. DuckDuckGo Region Boosted Search
  9. Paint an old toy for Christmas, revive an old PC with Linux.
  10. LXLE polishes beta, releases promo vid & more.
  11. uDuck - A DuckDuckGo based Ubuntu help and support search
  12. LXLE releases LibreAnte, monetized downloads for all.
  13. DDG, their own search, not just a proxy.
  14. LXLE Paradigm goes final with 12.04.3 update.
  15. LXLE 'Paradigm' first beta debut
  16. LXLE gets DuckDuckGo, Distrowatch and an update.
  17. Killing the desktop by omission; so the clouds can move in.
  18. NSA Scandal Reveals Google is not really like Linux and never was.
  19. A Review: GetSimple CMS helps redefine the LXLE website.
  20. LXLE 12.04.2 Release Update Blognotes
  21. Simple Image Reducer - Pretty slick, Pretty easy, Pretty light, & Pretty nice.
  22. Don't forget to blame the little guy for screwing Linux over.
  23. Fehlstart: a simple, quick application launcher written in C
  24. So you think Claws Mail is ugly and lacks features? Think again.
  25. The LXLE Official Release: Adds great features, Polishes edges, Leaves beta in the dust.
  26. LXLE - Lubuntu Extra Life Extension - A remastered LTS release for greater support of aging hardware.