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Jul 26, 2004
3:03 PM EDT
Well... hate to say I told you so....

Apparently under NDA, Sun has been demoing "JDS" on Solaris. In other words, JDS on Solaris is the ultimate goal, NOT today's JDS. The current JDS is a stop gap measure. JDS users will be migrated to JDS on Solaris eventually.

Word inside of Sun is that Solaris 10 will clean Linux's clock... combined with TRUE JDS, Sun is attempting to create an end-to-end SOLARIS environment. No penguins allowed.

I knew it was too good to be true. With that said, there is a group at Sun who's CURRENT job is to push Linux and the existing JDS. Hopefully this is no surprise... to Sun, JDS is JDS regardless of whether it's Solaris or Linux underneath (that's what Sun is saying... not saying I necessarily agree with that). And well... Solaris affords them more opportunity for revenue at the moment. Time will tell if Sun's Linux group will continue to hang on, or if will become a pure JDS group with the goal of moving people ultimately to Solaris.

IMHO, NOTHING has changed with regards to Sun. Linux is merely a tool to sell Solaris and Sun hardware... nothing more. Everything that has been said and/or released to the press over the past several weeks supports that idea.

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Jul 26, 2004
3:04 PM EDT
I was just going to ask for comments from our JDS friend, you beat me to it. :) This article does seem to limit discussion to the "server" though so I guess JDS wouldn't really fall into that category.

It's no problem if Sun wants to shut out Linux, it'll just give the penguinistas more power. This message was edited Jul 26, 2004 6:14 PM

Jul 26, 2004
8:04 PM EDT
Yes... I was surprised to learn of the future of JDS. We'll see how long Sun supports the "bastardized" version of JDS (e.g. the Linux version) before moving people to the emaculate (Solaris) version.

Jul 27, 2004
5:54 AM EDT
I'm stuck in a 50/50 Solaris/Linux world by day. I won't be moving anything from Linux->Solaris. That would just be wrong.

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