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Aug 04, 2004
10:35 AM EDT
Void_Main, I was about to write a comment that your voting comments are kind of long and maybe better suited for the comments board in general. Then I got to think that maybe the better way would be to combine the two. The idea would be if one voted without any comment the vote would stay "as is", if the voting included text it would automatically be available as a general comment for other to read and comment on.

As far as your License comment is concerned I think there is a practical issue why the FOSS really need fewer licenses and only "Roll your own" if it serves a specific concern. Vanity Licenses only hinders adoption of said SW


Aug 04, 2004
11:44 AM EDT
I know my vote comments are rather long but hey, Dave lets me type them that long so I take advantage. :) I do like the fact that you can go back and change your comments by voting again.

As far as the license thing it doesn't necessarily mean anything to the author of the software. I agree that for you and I it is easier if everything falls under the GPL (believe me, I would LOVE to see all software under the GPL) but the author of the software may not agree fully with all of the "preferred" licenses. There's nothing we can do other than tell the author that we would like to see him put his software under a "preferred" license. He has every right to tell us to jump in a lake in which case our only choice is to say "thank you very much for letting me use your software" or to write our own software that does what we want and put it under one of the "preferred" licenses. I think the authors must have consciously created their own license rather than using one of the mainstream licenses otherwise why would they have taken the time to write their own?

Aug 05, 2004
3:12 AM EDT
Isn't the point of open source freedom? The way I see it, this freedom extends to using whatever OSS license you like. The more licenses, the more freedom. (Somehow that doesn't sound quite right.)

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