Antivir on GNU/Linux?

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Aug 10, 2004
12:57 AM EDT
Interesting article, but for whom is it written? It only seems interesting to companies that have a heterogenous environment. GNU/Linux would be a passthrough for Win32 malware in such an environment.

Pure *Nix environments are far less likely to attract a virus, the brunt of virusses use Win32. I for one have no need for a virusscanner yet. I send weird attachments to /dev/null. Windows users hardly get any mail from me and when they do it almost always is in text format.

Anti-virus manufacturers busy creating a new market? MS is going to offer virusprotection of their own real soon. Say bye bye to Symantec and Network Associates on Windows. MS will crush them and scoop up the lucrative and selfperpetuating market for themselves.

MS windows is vulnerable with exploit X. Virus Y uses exploit X. MS: "Exploit X is fixed in MS Antivirus definitions from month Z."

Aug 10, 2004
5:30 AM EDT
Um it takes MS months to fix some patches. who is going to wait for MS to produce a virus def. update????

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