Windows is easier to '0wn'

Story: Security pro: Windows easier to 'own'Total Replies: 0
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Aug 16, 2004
4:09 AM EDT
The paper is actually entitled "Microsoft Windows: A Lower Total Cost of 0wnership". PDF here

It's a semi-parody of a total cost of ownership study. The key difference is that this paper talks about "0wnership" (and '0wn' != 'own'; the leading zero in '0wn' implies that a black-hat hacker has broken into the computer and now controls it or, in script-kiddie speak, '0wnz' it.)

My guess is the CNET spell-checkers for the article just couldn't get past the spelling of '0wn' starting with the leading zero. This is unfortunate because the conversion of '0wn' to 'own' completely changes the meaning of the article.

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