Gnome seems to mimic Windows/Mac more

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Sep 15, 2004
5:25 AM EDT
As a long time Linux desktop user, I've generally liked KDE more than Gnome. I need to try Gnome 2.6 to be provide a fair comparison of where it is today, but things started to drift in a bad direction for Gnome by 2.4. At least for me.

When the default Gnome started shipping with Metacity as the WM, I knew is was not good. Not that Metacity is horrible, but there are too many intentional limitations that were done to "simplify" the desktop for new users. Then, the latest Nautilus copies the Mac Finder spatial interface. Also, who decided to put a Microsoft Registry into Gnome? It is even called the Registry and has overly complex layers of nested keys that you are supposed to edit with the official Registry editor. In my opinion, the Microsoft Registry is a nasty experiment gone wrong and single point of failure on many Windows PCs. Why would anyone want to copy this feature. It is one of the things I want to escape by using Linux. I also see threads from highly visible Gnome leaders like Miguel De Icaza who wants to clone the .Net framework and it seems like they want to copy every Microsoft technology, while the KDE folks blaze their own trail and create cool new Linux technology.

I really love some of Gnome apps, like gFTP, grip, jpilot, and pan. But it seems the Gnome project makes some bad choices at a higher level. So, I usually run the Gnome apps under KDE or WindowMaker. I have tried every GUI file manager for Linux and nothing comes close to the power of Konqueror.

Maybe I'll give 2.6 a try and 2.8 when it comes out.

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