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Oct 18, 2004
5:04 PM EDT
I've read the article and I've been to the Pawn site. It rang a bit like the commercials in Windows 98. Better, bigger, more fun and most of all, you can sell your brain because you don't need it anymore.

The goals are completely unrealistic. What the project-leader wants is a highly sophisticated self-aware AI system. What Mr. Grander seems to be building is a very complex rule based stimulus-response system. While not an insignificant feat, this will not be very usable as a glue layer to make computing accessible to computer illiterates.

Skimming the very messy and tangled Pawn "manual" it seems like Mr. Grander is merging the technology behind the ALICE chatterbot engine with the common CLI. I've used the ALICE chatterbot and the outcome is quite amazing. At times the system really seems to be intelligent, but when you input something not contained in the stimulus-response rules, you get utter garbage.

For Pawn to work you would have to have a gargantuan database with all variants and combinations of language input, otherwise the system would not function without error. Pawn, as far as I could see, is not fault tolerant against unforeseen input.

For example, if the system knew what pictures with a purple flower were, how would it respond to the command: Fetch me all pictures with purple flowers that have yellow dots. Would you get an error message? "Don't know what you want." Or would you get all purple flowers? Both outcomes are not very helpful to powerusers nor computer illiterates.

Maybe some nifty trickery will come out of this, but it will not be what is described in the goals of the Pawn project.

My 2 cents.

Oct 19, 2004
1:32 PM EDT

no not big at all. We cut down the number of packages to a minimum. As the software will work whith each-other as a group there is no need to have several different versions of any software.

To the flower question. The file-structure will be based on XML. If you would like to include additional information about purple flowers whith or whithout spots you shall be free to do so.

This distro will target the absoulte beginner. Not the hardcore or advanced user. The goal is to take all the work for an everyday user and make them really really easy.

Yes this work may seem to be impossible. But the impossible is made to be broken.

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