I am a bit confused on the voting criteria used

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Oct 26, 2004
5:12 PM EDT
Are the negatives solely due to a dislike of Dell? I too am not a fan of Dell, however, despite their faults they are a factor, since they sell a significant number of lower end Linux X86 servers.

Should we not discuss their impact due to our distaste for the OEM? If so, how do we get to read so many times about the same Gartner study and Microsoft's latest deeds? Similarly, why is the same item viewed positively? I guess some people could like Dell.

Just curious.

Oct 26, 2004
8:08 PM EDT
I was voting Negative mainly because of a dislike of Dell. What I was thinking was that Dell will just use SuSE and give zero back.

Upon reflection maybe this is not such a bad deal for Novell/ SuSE as their revenue model is as much service as SW licensing. Remember Novell was pretty much bought by Cambridge Technology Partners. It was sold to the press as an acquisition but the new CEO Messman is from CTP not Novell proper.

Oct 27, 2004
6:05 AM EDT
bstadil: Thanks for the explanation - because I was beginning to think perhaps we needed an enlarged set of questions to distinguish dislike for the content from validity of the message. We must be capable of reading negative, but valid criticism to improve. I will give it some more thought before making a suggestion to Dave.

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