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Nov 07, 2004
8:16 AM EDT
It's always interesting how they talk about how every one knows Windows. I also find it amazing that they also always want to point out that colleges and home markets all use Windows. What I find is a lot of teens at home and college students use Linux, not Windows, or they are like me and they just happen to have a Windows bootable disk as well, just in case their is some thing the need to run, use or look at under Windows. Seems to me that the next generation of users are already using Linux and will probably be better to support those machines than the current force of IT people.

Nov 07, 2004
6:34 PM EDT
Hey, I'm kind of an old fart - 43. I've never had a Windows box at home until my wife decided she needed a new PC in '99. I use linux almost exclusively, and my 3 machines aren't dual-boot.

I have always found the "Windows is intuitive" claims risible.

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