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Nov 24, 2004
6:24 AM EDT
I thought the story was a hint of how people enjoy something; then decided to share their passion with others. Its nice that they want to share their passion, but I don't feel comfortable enough when it involves windows software. No matter how much they spin it, define it, or say it. Properitary will never be "Free as in speech".

This is my first post here. I am moving away from LT for a number of reasons. Their talkbacks brought me here now. I certainly appreciate the "no advertisement" approach. Because if I want something I "google it".

Nov 24, 2004
7:26 AM EDT
Welcome MadDogTMC. Another refugee from the advertilised LT.

On the story... Well, Shared Source != Open Source. What good is viewable source if it has more restrictions than share-alike?

If they wanted something really Open Source and they are still a bit under the influence of the (L)GPL is a Cancer thing, they could have used the CPL.

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