Sun is better?

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Jan 14, 2005
5:49 AM EDT
I don't agree with your conclusion that Sun provides better value than Linux. In my experience, Linux has lower price points going in on the hardware, lower support costs, and is easier to manage.

It also doesn't lock you into a single vendor that can squeeze you for every penny once you are committed. I manage RHEL systems, SuSE systems, and a few Mandrake boxes that someone else set up with no problems. Linux skills transfer well between distros. It is mainly the package tools and a few default file locations that differ. The LSB is addressing these issues.

The only part that made sense to me was hardware scalability. But very, very few systems require "terabytes of information or million dollar investments". If you happen to get a job like that when you get out of school, good for you. In my 19 years of experience in this industry, I've run across very few of those.

IMHO, the value of Linux in performance, stability, and ease of management is far superior in many situations. Oh, I also have an MCP, MCSE, CCNA, and LPIC-2. Take a look at for a good cross distro Linux certification.

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