Only code, no toolchain?

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Jan 25, 2005
10:13 AM EDT
DTrace is a dynamic tracing framework for Solaris that provides an infrastructure to trace the operating system and user programs' behavior. Sun, however, will not be releasing the compilers and libraries needed to build a functional program from it.

If that is Sun's Open Source strategy, than Open Solaris will either wither on Sun's malnourished vine or it will be wrested from Sun's hands and developed into something that Sun never envisioned nor wanted. There is no such thing as a little Open Source, that is the same thing as a little pregnant.

Let's hope Sun gets it and that eWeek got their material mixed up. I don't think a "vibrant community" can be built around source that cannot be freely compiled into a working binary. Who wants to sign up as Sun's unpaid bugfixers?

Time will tell how Sun's strategy shapes itself, but the above quote doesn't paint a very bright picture...

Jan 25, 2005
10:31 AM EDT
I have wondered what the implications of Sun's License. Mozilla is licensed under the MPL, but it is also licensed under the GPL. This dual role is what helps it to grow. MySQL has both closed and open versions. But no one has done a performace check between either.

Solaris isn't going to have that dual license setup. Also a 'commnity' of a 100 developers sounds more like the employee's of Sun starting it up.

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