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Feb 06, 2005
8:59 AM EDT
I don't care for silly fights inside the F/OSS world, but sometimes certain deeds really piss me off. When SSC got all heavy-handed and "stole" the Linux Gazette ( I thought that was way low-class. Even worse, when SSC's was still fresh and new they solicited reader comments on the whole affair, then deleted the ones they didn't like. They refused to answer the question most readers were asking- "why did you do this?" beyond some lame blather about "we have to protect our trademark." Then a number of folks discovered that their "trademark" was literally only a few days old. Trademark spat over Linux Gazette

So hurrah for the Real Linux Gazette (! It lives, it thrives, and they're still publishing good stuff.

I cannot resist a final snark- is total amateur hour. A lot of the articles are pretty bad, our good friend Subhasish Ghosh (posting as ablessings) is a regular contributor.

Feb 06, 2005
9:05 AM EDT
I echo your sentiments. This is why each month I link to the "real" LG, and ignore requests from SSC to also link to the other one.


Feb 06, 2005
10:20 AM EDT
tuxchick: mr Hashish really smokes the pipe there? Wonder why he even bothered posting that article here the other day ... hmmm...


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