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Story: Experts predict Firefox spyware will show up this yearTotal Replies: 1
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Feb 08, 2005
3:44 AM EDT
a number of "experts" making some assertions about what "Russian hackers" are now invastigating. One of them has this amazingly accurate future sight to predict that we will have an exploit to Firefox in the middle of this year.

As if Firefox has not been around (w/code) for over a year. And has not had very high profile for over half a year.

Don't bother reading. No actual content.

And remember, it is written "Firefox", but it is spelled "M-o-z-i-l-l-a"

Feb 08, 2005
10:37 PM EDT
there is nothing stopping a worm or virus from infecting the firefox executable

so its not like firefox will get infected itself but if windows get infected - firefox could either have its binary tampered with (extremely difficult) or could have an unwelcomed extension attached to it (extremely hard as I *suppose* they are signature protected by mozilla?)

it IS possible.

it would require a stroke of genius and much Microsoft-backed research and funding.

if it happens - be 100% sure it will be financed by a big company in secret -

the purpose being just one: to harm Firefox's reputation not to exploit itself

it is possible not sure if/when they will succeed but they are trying their extreme best.

last technique is to have firefox itself replaced by another binary that emulates it - or even just show a pop-up "Spyware detected"

anything to bring firefox panic and bad publicity

aren't you all glad i am on the good side? :)

(maybe i shouldn't give the bad guys so many ideas either)

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