Story: Honey, Vinegar, and Flies, or, F/OSS Won't Thrive If It Eats Its Own YoungTotal Replies: 9
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Feb 08, 2005
7:11 AM EDT
Just kidding ;) --FeriCyde

Feb 08, 2005
1:30 PM EDT
Your mama, your horse, Natalie Portman, and hot grits!

Feb 08, 2005
1:33 PM EDT
In the Soviet union F/oss Pisses on you!

While we are on bad Slashdot jokes.

Feb 08, 2005
3:11 PM EDT
tuxchick: Natalie Portman?!? That's so 2003 baby.

Feb 08, 2005
3:50 PM EDT
Good article, but the pessimist in me must respond.

If FOSS adopts every flea infested, stray kitten and let it scratch everything without reprimande, FOSS will be over in 10 years.

New FOSS members should be tought, that they are the sole person responsible for a deployment. No hand holding, no pre-chewed food. Just good old rites of passage (e.g. rm -rf *).

If we let every Joe, Dick and Harry in on their good face, we will succumb under their pressure to include auto-executing e-mail attachments, insecure auto-executing web-code and running as root per default.

I'd say, let them sweat a little, they'll appreciate their acquired knowledge better.

Feb 09, 2005
3:33 AM EDT
Chickie, Chickie, Chickie poo --

What's with all this community crap?

I thought Stallman and all those idealists have been taken out to the woodshed and made to watch Steven Seagal movies.

FOSS? Floss? Moss on the north side of the tree?

It's all about me, baby, all about me.

But I do appreciate the fact that all those other people manage to write, package, and document (though they don't have the hang of that part down yet) all of that nice software for ME, baby, me.

And I don't have to pay for it. I would, but I don't. I do run down to the CompCountry superstore and buy a SuSE Professional now and then, but only because I forget that it's all about me. In my weaker moments I get this hare-brained notion that dropping a few bucks to support the whole thing is not the worst investment I can can make.

Hey -- wait - that's not so bad! If it's an investment, it's still about me!!

Me, me, me, me, me.

BTW -- nice to see you writing something for LXer.


Feb 09, 2005
4:00 AM EDT
He quoth the 'trac'd one: "Me, me, me, me, me."

You self-centered musical hackers are all alike. You crouch in the dust of your sound booths, nothing but the ticking sound of the metronome and the smell of rotting saxophone reeds to guide your way. You claim to be a "member" of the Linux "community", but in reality we can all see that you're the solo member of a singing troup -- what, the S/390 Singers?

Chirp on, Barney, we're onto you now. You can put out all the sing-along-drek about your dream of melding the Saturday-Night-Fever generation and the Linux community, because we've got a special program that will be piping the output to /dev/null.

PS: Steven Segal is a wimp.

Feb 09, 2005
6:20 AM EDT
Nice article tuxchick but dude totally, is "awesomest" an actual word :)

Feb 09, 2005
9:15 AM EDT
Why Paulie,

I don't have time to deal with your outrageous, libelous, and just plain mean-spirited claim that I am self-centered.

I'm too busy tending to myself and don't have time for you.

Fortunately, I am wonderful company.

Feb 09, 2005
10:00 AM EDT
*sniff* And I was really in need of abuse today ...

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