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Story: FeriCyde Chat: The Linux Virus Threat List for 2005Total Replies: 0
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Feb 09, 2005
3:44 AM EDT
Mr. Paul Iron compound can you buy it in a supplement:

Thank you so very much for your informative article. We can never have enough information on those nasty virii and bacterii and fungi and politicians who try to infect our beloved boxes.

Imagine my relief to discover that McAfee, Symantec, winantivirus, grisoft and all sorts of folks were ready to sell me tools to get rid of each and every one of those nasty buggers.

They assured me that it didn't matter that I had a Linux box instead of a Windows box or that none of them had heard of these new viruses because, in the end, the whole virus thing is just a big money-making opportunity anyway. All I really had to do was download a fix and feel better knowing that it's there.

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