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Feb 09, 2005
9:45 AM EDT
An absolutely outrageous statement.

So the only thing Internet Explorer has to offer is "rich media content".

Apparently the media content I see is poor - because it doesn't hijack my pc and turn it into a warez server!?

This is like saying that the sea worthy boats the competition sells force the water into the leaky boats we sell so it's their fault not ours.


Feb 09, 2005
9:54 AM EDT
This story is a riot. I took it for real quotes the first time (It's on a Mac site, first thing I should have noticed).


Feb 09, 2005
10:47 AM EDT
What cracks me up the most is after years and years of non-stop doubletalk, propaganda, and FUD, readers are taking statements like this seriously: "Firefox...is directly "squeezing more attacks upon IE users."" No one is saying "that's ridiculous even for Microsoft!" No, they find it plausible that MS would say that. :)

Feb 09, 2005
11:19 AM EDT
I must admit, I first thought this was for real, though I found it the most outrageous story I ever read, so I decided I should post something 'bout it, but luckily you guys know this isn't a real story.


There's some plausibility in it. I mean, for now, MS is saying it's targeted by warez & spyware etc. because they have a large marktet share and everybody uses IE. What are they going to say if not everybody uses IE, and IE still gets more spyware etc. than other browsers? Of course, they want to blame the "open source movement", as they call it. Not in such ridiculous statements as here, but they'll get to think of some more polite FUD. So I'm waiting till firefox market share grows, and curious what their next FUD-campaign will be called...

Oh, and it's a shame 'bout the dog that didn'nt want to comment, today's dogs are lazy :)

Feb 09, 2005
12:23 PM EDT
I just wonder why is this article being so high rated? What's the deal? Probably irony eh..

Well, i've been a black sheep and rated it down. :|

Anyway, it's complete nonsense. It's not "open source" or free software and firefox that damages business, it's *not switching to it* that does that.

This article says that the ones who use better and more secure browser are guilty because others haven't switched and are therefore putting up with increasing malware attacks. Argh!

Feb 09, 2005
1:22 PM EDT
Libervis: It's a joke article -- it's supposed to be nonsense -- it takes the typical FUD stuff that Microsoft puts out to the next obvious level of hilarity.

For example, it's common practice for Microsoft executives and shills to spout off in public that Microsoft has been "good for America". What proof? Where? How do we know? What access to alternate, competition-laden realities do these people have that I don't?

Answer? None. It's all crap similar to the idiocy that this person is parody-ing.

My opinion anyway. But regardless, your vote matters!

Feb 10, 2005
12:33 AM EDT
This gave me a nice little chuckle this morning, nearly sprayed my coffee over the monitor!

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