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Feb 18, 2005
10:09 AM EDT
RMS doesn't bother me near as much as THD. I mean, THD really causes the most problems. But I think people get stuck on high RMS values. As long as it is a well matched system and your THD is low, it will sound great.

Feb 18, 2005
10:34 AM EDT
Don't forget the distortion levels too. Those are important figures when choosing good stereo equipment.

Feb 18, 2005
11:57 AM EDT
At least we dont' have to deal with wow and flutter anymore.

Feb 18, 2005
1:05 PM EDT
He's (RMS) actually got quite a few interesting points...albeit some blown out of spec.

Feb 18, 2005
2:54 PM EDT
ESR is an awesome role model. He's into guns n babes. What more does a person need?

Feb 18, 2005
3:14 PM EDT


Feb 19, 2005
4:21 AM EDT
What bothers me is people who will pay tens of thousands of dollars for a perfect stereo which then turns the electricity into soundwaves with speakers that have 1-2% distortion.

It also bothers me to see people spend thousands for a noisy, unreliable valve aplifier when exactly the same "warm" effect can be had with two 10c FETs and not much else. Wire in some leaked mains hum and orange LEDs to simulate the effects of the filaments and you're away.

I can see a lot of parallels here with software from our favourite monopolist.

Feb 20, 2005
1:17 PM EDT
What botters me is the people saying they can hear the difference between a 1m long cable and the same 5m long cable, while they use graphite cables costing $10.000 / m.

Oh, and it botters me too you people didn't explain what THD means (total harmonic distortion), now I had to look it up in wikipedia.

Feb 20, 2005
7:30 PM EDT
I'm suprised that THD didn't show up in Wikipedia as having to do with Tom's Hardware :)


Feb 21, 2005
5:34 AM EDT
Their are lies, damned lies and PMP


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