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Story: Microsoft: Coming to a Linux User Group near You? (Part Two)Total Replies: 2
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Feb 23, 2005
9:25 AM EDT
Paulie, Paulie, Paulie:

As our President would say, you misunderestimate me.

I would never inject humor into such a serious topic and forum. OK, my wife would say that it's just because I'm not a very funny guy, but you and I both know it's my incredible restraint.

Seriously, though, I don't understand what the deal is. If the LUG makes a rule that any presentations must be run from a LUG-approved computer, that puts PowerPoint out the door (OK -- Star/OO-Impress can do the job, but don't tell a Redmondite and they're not likely to wise up).

Then, you just have a very nice idea to laugh at somebody. You could even make a game of it -- "Hey, wow. Kind of cool how there's nothing but Windows servers now. Oh wait! That's not true. Man. Must really blow the crap out your plans to charge a gazillion dollars a copy. No wonder your stock has been iffy.""

Hey -- They are paying you OK without the stock options, right, cos I don't think you're going to see to many more Microsoft stock option millionaires.

Say -- I see Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen sent a manned rocket into space. Could other Microsoft Co-Founders be going up in smoke as well? Will their employees follow?

Oops -- I digressed.

Never Mind.


Feb 23, 2005
11:55 AM EDT

Where to begin! As usual, I do nothing to libel or defame your name (hey, the expectations are already there! Next thing you know, I'll be calling you a lawyer!) -- and what do you? You say stuff like this:

"I would never inject humor into such a serious topic and forum."

boy, I have to agree there! I mean, half of your talkbacks at me are nothing but flame. And then there's this little gem:

"you and I both know it's my incredible restraint."

You safety-concious hackers are all alike. You crouch in the dust of your overpriced Volvo station wagons, nothing but the glow of the instrument cluster and the smell of fire-extinguisher fumes to guide your way. You thought you could come on here all hoidy toidy, acting like you're all concerned about reckless comments at a LUG, but we know your true, hidden agenda now!

Soon (SOON!) we'll flood your house with magazine spam: "Evil Knevil Today" will be the first of many subscriptions. Then we'll see how safety concious you can be, burning magazines in your back yard and knowing that your days of cruising the streets at 20mph are over. You won't have time to get there without speeding -- the sheer pressure of living up to your new daredevil name will add another 20 lbs to your right foot.

So go ahead and laugh now, because tomorrow all of that "restraint" will be gone -- I can just feel it cutting lose.

Feb 23, 2005
12:04 PM EDT
Hey -

I already subscribe to "Evel Kneivel Today". This months issue has a special on jumping dixie cups with your Li'l Rascal.

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