Mandrakesoft to acquire Conectiva

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Feb 24, 2005
5:55 AM EDT
... and what happens to the name Conectiva? Is the new entity now called Mandraktiva? Hmmmm ... sounds like a sexy Russian babe!

How about ConecMan? .... sounds like a comic book hero!!



Feb 24, 2005
7:23 AM EDT
I'm just cringing at the thought of a blend of volatile sudamericanos and stubbornly "independent" frenchmen. (-:

Feb 24, 2005
7:32 AM EDT
Now they just need to add the Romanians and Italians to get a corner on the Latin languages ...

Feb 24, 2005
2:31 PM EDT
Mandraktiva... could be Gungan... (hideous thought of the new mascot goes through head).

Feb 25, 2005
10:20 AM EDT
Instead of the little Tux wizard, they can go to the Girl from Ipanema or (for us oldies) Carmen Miranda with the fruit bowl on her head...

Tux Miranda!!! That's it!!

UNIVAC/Burroughs became UNISYS.. can't find a hint there, tho... the merged company paid a Burroughs employee $25K back in the mid-80's for that contribution (a contest).. these two don't HAVE enough employees for a contest!!

Feb 26, 2005
6:49 PM EDT
and I am going to Brazil in April

But seriously I agree with AnonymousCoward Franco-Brazilians are hardly diplomatic Here's a situation I've witnessed with one of them, this was at a party in Brazil

"Aaah madame you are but verry beauty-full" "Oh thank you ... " she blushes, "and what do you do?" "Ahh I am a cinema director " - he lies - "and you mademoiselle you have that beauty of a French actress - not Brazilian" he was staring at her clevage "Oh really?" she was fascinated - "How is that?" "Great bossoms - but sadly no bum" he pouts

And I am *not* joking :/

That is only one of the many incidents I've witness with this lot

( I won't tell any more - seriously, they are even more embarrasing than this. *cringe* )

That aside Mandrake = one of the very best distro ever While Conectiva = extremely overpriced for Brazil

'nough said

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