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Mar 01, 2005
11:38 AM EDT
The rest isn't. Bit torrent works by breaking up a large file and sending a bunch of different people, different parts of the same file. At the same time they share their different parts of those file with each other.

You simply can't break a file that way for real-time streaming(note: this is perfect fo podcasts)

You would need two basic servers(yes it can be the same app) One to stream the data, and a conversation channel between the Main server and Node Servers. Requests for the Data stream would have to be either be automatic(maybe region based IP filtering/seperating for speed?) Or you can jump to other nodes manually. Locally, each node could listen in on Localhost:xxxx With the total number of users possible based on bandwidth.(Modem users get one) If Automatic all nodes would have to report the number of users supported and the number currently using(-1).

The next questions are how to deal with sub-nodes, How to keep the conversations small, and how to deal with a node dropping. And how to create and deal with minimal delay (say 30 seconds max).

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