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Mar 04, 2005
9:39 AM EDT
This article spoils a couple of truths with a large amount anti-Sun FUD:

  • True:Some confusing statements have made confusing regarding Linux. (while it's easy to point at Sun, isn't linux is often marketed as "can do anything" O.S. but most commercial linux's certify and support extremely small subset of hardware and applications.)
  • True:Linux was not the first unix(a-like) on X86. Nor will it be the last.

    True there is spin in this industry but why is Red Hat or HP's spin somehow more pure than Sun's?

    I find it strange that in the same article you criticize Sun for not being active on mail aliases and then raise what looks almost like a conspiracy theory regarding the number of Sun engineers on

    Sun employees (probably including Johnathon) run both Linux and Solaris on their laptops. I'm typing this from a Sun Ray client on JDS. As someone who uses linux and Solaris on a daily basis, I can tell you there are some advantages to each. This may be why Sun offers both, but apparently this is confusing to those who wish only to replace a monopoly with another monopoly.

    Does Sun have linux expertise? I work on linux about 75% of the time, digging into everything from config file issues to kernel bugs and many of my coworkers have more linux expertise than I. Occasionally we find bugs that were fixed in Solaris years ago. But to be honest, many of these are scalability bugs that might go unnoticed in a small company.

    This reminds me of assumptions 20 years ago that every computer would be replaced with a P.C. running DOS. Linux caused a shift in the industry as does any new competitor. But to assume that customers wishing 365/24/7 reliability, security... will all abandon Solaris (backwards binary compatible for God knows how long) is a bit naive.

    When all you have is a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail.
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