Big news: Yankee Group draws attention to itself again

Story: Yankee Group slams 'Linux extremists'Total Replies: 5
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Apr 07, 2005
5:40 PM EDT
By making accusatory and outrageous claims. You'll notice that Laura isn't quite dense enough to claim that her 11Pm call was abusive or even harassing - Yankee are just hyping the actual call for all it's worth and leading people to draw their own, wrong, conclusions.

They really are a bunch of shameless %$#*&^ and will indeed be amongst the first against a wall when the Revolution comes.

Apr 07, 2005
7:32 PM EDT
One rumor I heard is that Wagg-Ed pays the "F*ck Microsoft", raving loon "linux extremists". A few crazed, D&D tinged anti-Microsoft postings on every pro-linux forum and voila' - it makes the whole subject look unpalatable to bloodless CEOs whose families haven't had a strong opinion in 3 generations.

Apr 07, 2005
9:49 PM EDT
AC: and when will that be? I would already be gratified if they just lost their livelihoods, but scum like this appear to always land on their two feet.

Apr 08, 2005
2:58 AM EDT
phsolide: I can tell you that some of the rumors you're hearing would not surprise me from my experiences with

not at all.


Apr 08, 2005
1:28 PM EDT
Linux loonies drive me nuts.

When will they grow up, get jobs, and join decent society?

Oh wait -- they have.

That's why everybody's up in arms -- we're not in the fringe any more.

Ain't it grand?

PS --

All this talk about Linux zealots hurting the Open Source community is pure crapola. Zealots tend to hurt themselves. People look at a zealot and say, "Whotta Maroon!!!!". They don't say, "Gosh he uses nasty software!"


Apr 08, 2005
3:49 PM EDT
I have to agree with dino's assement here (darn) -- the whole thing is an attempt to diffuse the problems with putting out extremely weighted studies that of course, rile the passions of people that know better. I say this with the conviction of a person that honestly doesn't know, nor do I care to know, about this Dididdododo person, or whoever she is -- the fact is, there are those of us who know from experience what the truth of the matter is. The studies can continue to line my best bird cage in the mean time, and if she gets flamed over it all, gee, maybe she should find honest work. --FeriCyde

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