Yeah, sure, your not biased, I believe you, NOT

Story: Yankee Group slams 'Linux extremists'Total Replies: 3
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Apr 12, 2005
7:38 AM EDT
So you say Microsoft pays you to do research and your impartial in your findings? Yeah, and I am a completely mindless drone, that's why I believe you.

Apr 13, 2005
2:45 PM EDT
Kill them all!

(but do it gently in an open minded friendly manner)

Apr 13, 2005
5:05 PM EDT
Force them to use Microsoft Bob and Clippy videos until their brains explode.

Apr 14, 2005
1:39 PM EDT
>"... use Microsoft Bob and Clippy ... until their brains explode ...", what if they really like that crap?

For right price almost anything tastes good.

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