What the h311 is this?

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May 01, 2005
5:24 PM EDT
From the article,

"What I do find odd is that people expect the developer “community” that works on packages running on Linux to care about them. They expect their wants addressed (by random developers) or they'll stop using Linux. Who this should be addressed to is commercial vendors, not random application developers. Distribution vendors actually do care if you use Linux."

You're damn right the developer and the community should be held responsible for what they produce AND they should care about how their software is being used...if they don't give to squirts about the end user...then they should QUIT! My God this is a misguided statement to the max!

Just because you're a non-commercial developer doesn't mean that you should care less about the community. Arguing this means that money is the only thing that will make you care. So according to this...we need to pay people money to "Bribe" them into giving a crap about us and we need to do it so they'll listen to us.

PCLinuxOS and SimplyMEPIS prove this wrong. Hell, even Fedora and Ubuntu do too.

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