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Story: Novell stacks Linux with Oracle and JBossTotal Replies: 1
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Jun 01, 2005
6:36 PM EDT
as an antique Netware admin I really hope Novell succeeds this time. I gave up around Netware 5 because &^%@@$!! winduhs NT was penetrating everywhere, regardless of the anguished wails of us poor sods who were forced to change over and admin the shiny new steaming piles of microcrap. The one big gap in F/OSS is nice network administration and monitoring utilities, and a true network OS that you can fling any piece of hardware into, and in my not-so-humble opinion Novell does these better than anyone. You can have your Actively Sucky Directory- give me something that works right.

Jun 01, 2005
7:07 PM EDT
I love Novell's new stuff....They're really doing a good job. Their ZENworks looks extremely nice.

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