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Jul 25, 2005
10:16 AM EDT
to say that "an OS is merely that... A tool, nothing more" and not worth arguing about is just wrong, IMO. Should we be more civil? Yes, of course, but to suggest that there is no reason to have strong views on the subject just seems wrong to me.

For example, I hate (if I may use that strong a word) Microsoft. I don't hate Apple, but Apple is not a monopolist and has never forced me to buy any of their products. Apple is not trying to destroy my favorite OS with FUDmania like "get the facts". If Microsoft would change their ways, I would go from opposing them every chance I get to just ignoring them.

Meanwhile, I will feel free to hate Microsoft, without hating their users (pity is more appropriate). In fact, my wife is forced to use XP on her company laptop and she is none too fond of Microsoft either.

Still, I agree that it is better to state your position calmly and with whatever logic you have at your disposal than to engage in flamewars.

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