Can you elaborate on the setup for the wireless Lan?

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Aug 25, 2005
10:44 AM EDT
I read your review of SuSE 9.3, and I couldn't agree more. It's been the eaisest Linux Distro I have used so far, but I am having trouble with my wireless card. Concidently, I have the same card you do. I haven't been able to see how to tell YaST to configure it using the NDisWrapper driver. I have NDISwrapper installed, and configured. Been through that during my time with Fedora, but I don't see the NDISWrapper as a list in the options for configuring a network device in YaST. Could you elaborate on how you did this?

Aug 26, 2005
12:42 AM EDT
Not the author of article but I might be of some help here, now this has nothing to do with Suse distro, but i suspect it maybe the root of your problem, in my distro "PcLinuxOs", NDiswrapper would not show up by itself and i couldn't get it to install via my distro's control panel.

It turned out that Ndiswrapper would not show up in the configuration options unless it has been loaded first. So what i did was install Ndiswrapper manually then installed the windows .sys driver using the Ndiswrapper -i xxxx.inf command. Once this was done i then did Ndiswrapper -m to make sure it would autoload the driver for me on boot up.

After all this was done and i confirmed that ndiswrapper and its associated windows driver were loaded and running, it showed up as a configuration option in the network area of my control panel.

I very much suspect this is the problem you are having, hope this info helps.

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