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Aug 31, 2005
9:41 PM EDT
This kind of story always gets me a little confused about how I should react. It could all be true, Or, maybe the writers of some of the referenced stores, particularly the Manek Dubash piece are just not good at drawing conclusions. Isn't there an adage about not attributing to malice what may just be stupidity?

The biggest problem is that these kind of articles can make Linux users seem like conspiracy nuts. Maybe they are out to get us, but I usually just try ignoring nonsense.

I am sorry to see the admission(not the admission really, but what was admitted to) near the end of the story. I had a friend give me a computer recently. It had a Windows XP license with it and I debated briefly about using Windows XP on the machine. Even as a free OS on a machine I just use for crunching numbers, I decided that I don't ever want to run that unreliable excuse for an OS. Ubuntu should do nicely.

Anyway, it is probably good to see this kind of analysis ever once in a while just as a gentle reminder that Linux's main competitor is serious about crushing freedom. Just like any petty dictator.

Sep 01, 2005
6:49 AM EDT
Severian: One of the foundations of disinformation effectiveness is to make people who recognize it seem like conspiracy nuts.

Disinformation works well because of the "denial mechanism" in our mental makeup. The "they wouldn't do that" perpetuates an organizations effort to crank it out.

Manek Dubash looks like a classic shiller for Microsoft. He didn't even attempt to hide his techniques.

I've come to learn that Microsoft will provide mainstream journalists with accommodations in Redmond. One of my friends (acquaintances) recently spent three days there and came back and wrote a large frontpage special edition in the Business Section praising them. That appeared in the Dallas Morning News.

Apple, IBM, Wordperfect, Lotus, Real, Netscape, Novell, Act and many other companies with 90% market shares have underestimated Microsoft. What makes peole think they won't rise to the occassion and grow even stronger by taking on the Linux challenge? If they win, just think how much bigger and stronger they will become.

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