Pot, meet kettle!

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Sep 01, 2005
11:21 AM EDT
Microsoft's Brian's Jones response: "it seems to be a bit short sighted and unnecessarily exclusive".

I guess M$ would know a lot about that, wouldn't they?

Sep 01, 2005
11:31 AM EDT
mdl: They're the subject matter experts ;)

Sep 01, 2005
11:42 AM EDT
Actually the saying is inappropriate: the open-standards pot, contrary to MS-Kettle, is white.

Better saying, Dutch: "Zoals de waard is vertrouwt hij zijn gasten", i.e., "The landlord trusts his tenants like himself".

Sep 01, 2005
12:06 PM EDT
mvermeer: "The Pot Calling The Kettle Black ( to say something about someone else which is actually true of you yourself...)" http://www.goenglish.com/ThePotCallingTheKettleBlack.asp

In this case, Massachusetts could say to Microsoft: "You are accusing me of being short sighted and unnecessarily exclusive? Ha! That's the pot calling the kettle black!"

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