Parody or not?

Story: 10 Days as a Windows XP User: A GNU Perspective on ThingsTotal Replies: 1
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Sep 28, 2005
12:11 AM EDT
Is this article meant as a parody of all those "linux is not ready for desktop" articles? If yes it is, at least to me, not clearly apparent.

Sep 28, 2005
6:13 AM EDT
10 Days as a Linux User: A GNU Perspective on things

We did a rebuttal, however, a real life experience seemed a more appropriate response. I developed extensively on Windows until late 2002 and hold a bunch of Certs from Microsoft. My product was a replacement for Exchange which has a plugin for Outlook. I don't think Bill Gates would consider me a novice because I broke his code. But that's another story, documented at:

Understanding and Replacing Microsoft Exchange


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