thanks.. you made me laugh! at your stupidity.. no less!

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Sep 28, 2005
12:13 AM EDT
seriously.. who are you? i run various operating systems on my servers and desktops, such as windows, debian, solaris, beos, qnx, freebsd.. and am in the hobby of writing one. it goes to show how much ignorance you have up there.. knock your head a little.. hear an echo in there? lolx!

pls.. sounds to me you don't really know how to use computers at all. don't insult me by saying i'm defending windows whatsoever. it's just that people like you shouldn't be touching computers at all.. nosiree.. you need desktop typewriters and calculators. heck.. screw that.. all you need is sticks and stones! yeah.. that'll do better! =) bang it with a club if it doens't work! stupid operating system! back to the Stone Age for ya!

no system is perfect, as far as i can tell. the trick to it all is learning how the whole system works, and optimizing it. btw.. i tried running windows xp on a pentium 200MHz with 64MB ram and a 5GB drive. still gets the job done.. surfing on the net, chatting on irc, working with office documents, watching dvds! playing mp3s. if you learn proper online learning habits, you don't need anti-virus software. i don't use one. once awhile i'd scan the drive and it turns out clean. yep yep.. my desktops are clean =) unless of course, you're in the business of surfing porn on lonely nights, or downloading illegally cracked software... hmmm.. wonder where those viruses came from. ooh.. Gates dumped them in there. bad bad microsoft. only idiots will download this and that and then blame the OS for its problems. the OS lives in a mindless machine to serve the user. it does not think on its own. if the user is a clown, and screws the computer up.... you claim to be a linux user.. pls do not disgrace the linux community. we people are way smarter than you. sorry. but thanks.. you made my day.. i had a good laugh! keep at it!

and remember those sticks and stones. yeah?

Sep 28, 2005
1:11 AM EDT
Proper online habits replace a virus scanner? Uhuk, uhuk. Come on in, sucker. Would you like to cut the cards, or shall I?

Sep 28, 2005
3:13 AM EDT
Anonymous --

Now, now. We need to be polite to guests, even those who might be frightened by a clue if they ever were to find one.

Sep 28, 2005
6:27 AM EDT
Actually i am a CLOWN, and im pretty sure i know what i want on my machines, when it comes down to being a safer os, hmmm a Slackware default install or a Win XP default install just which is safer when exposed to the Internet, im dumb but even being a clown i know what i would plump for, virus checker whats that? viruses aren't those the things that all end in urscrewed.W32 i wonder why.

You can keep XP, its great for gaming though i'll give it that.

Your average punter doesn't know how to tweak machines, and in an ideal world they wouldn't be let near PC's without a license but this is reality and PC's should be shipped with a secure OS regardless of whether its XP, Linux, OS X, etc but the day MS make XP as secure as a Unix/Linux based OS will be the day i beg to shake Bill Gates hand or hell freezes over whichever comes first :)

On another note i use the following to protect the "XP Games(tm) machine"

Firewall == Zonealarm Personal, hey its free but not the greatest. AntiVirus == AntiVir , its free, fast and lightweight doesn't chew up resources an essential pre-requisite on a games machine. AdRemoval == AdAware and Spybot, free editions.

This combination has sucessfully protected my "XP Games(tm) machine" for about 4 years.

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