Great product, but lacking solid writer's tools

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Oct 20, 2005
10:40 AM EDT
I've consistently panned earlier versions of OO, so I was most pleasantly surprised with the final release of 2.0.

However, it still falls far behind when it comes to writer's tools.

Word 2003 searches the Encarta Dictionary. WordPerfect uses an Oxford Compact Dictionary add-on (still inadequate by my measure, but a huge improvement over spell-check only!).

If a licensed, for-pay add-on of some quality were available for OO2.0, I'd BUY it in a flash!

Oct 20, 2005
11:01 AM EDT
phubert - suggest you check out Star Office 8 that is built mostly on an earlier version of what became OOo 2.0 with restricted additions.

Oct 20, 2005
12:17 PM EDT
Thanks, I'll have to look into that.

Oct 20, 2005
3:27 PM EDT
phubert: I used StarOffice 7 to write "Exploring the JDS Linux Desktop" by O'Reilly.

Previously, I used MS Office since version 2.0 to write around 15 books and I don't know how many articles.

I don't know when I stopped using office, but it seems like it's been since Office 97.

I have Word 2000 and XP. Hey I even have Office Pro 4.3.

But, I really prefer running on Linux.

I don't use Word tools at all. I consider writing a craft and follow Strunk & White. If I need anything else, I use Google.

No one has ever accused me of being any good at this and this sentence proves that.

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