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Oct 24, 2005
11:52 PM EDT
This url:

Returns a "Page Not Found"

So does every invalid link in*

But if you type a url to a site before /ntserver like

You're redirected to the site.

Nice quick way to parse out a logifile to determine if ppl are looking for specific content. 'Tho if I was them I'd build in some kind of instant redirect to -after- logging the hit. Then again the whole NT site it in archive mode so I guess that makes sence.

If you're lucky you'll get a pop-over to respond to a "Get The Facts" survey. If so take a minute to tell them how you feel about missing content.

Serously... how uncharacteristic is it for a 800lb-gorilla sized company to try and wipe out statements where it's talking adolescent smack about a then-non-competitor that today even the PHB's of the world can see it for what it is? Linux awareness is to the point where even Joe Office Worker can at look at those articles and laugh their guts out... If they existed, that is.


Oct 25, 2005
1:55 AM EDT


Perhaps a little paranoia is appropriate when dealing with a company that has:

1. Financed phony grass-roots campaigns, giving birth to the term "astroturf".

2. Had the incredible nerve -- and arrogance -- to submit a phony demonstration to the Federal District Court in its antitrust trial.

3. etc.

Oct 25, 2005
6:14 AM EDT
Dino: You nailed it.

It's quite a shock to see a company of mature adults acting like you're taking their rattle away if you see someone employ Linux or FreeBSD or even mention a desktop alternative. They don't act like an 800 pound guerilla, they act like Baby Huey.

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