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Story: Microsoft threatens to withdraw Windows from S KoreaTotal Replies: 1
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Oct 28, 2005
1:01 PM EDT
The fact that MS is making this threat is just about the perfect argument for why the OpenDocument XML file format need to be used by any government.

It is nice in a way that MS has grown so large that they have no clue what other part of the company is involved in.

Spread the word guys!

No new Tax.... , Sorry, No proprietary File formats.

Oct 28, 2005
2:30 PM EDT

I haven't thought of it that way yet, but it's indeed an unique opportunity! We should be very grateful for MS for this stupid mistake, which gives us ammo when writing we want to get rid of the closed file formats.

MS will never win in Mass now, if Sun and IBM use this story in a right way. Anyway, if they withdraw Windows from Korea, it will be made clear to the whole world, that people simply can't read their OWN documents without MS. Euhmm, well, they thought this documents were their own. Again, after Mass, MS shows its disrespect for democracy and its customers.

But this could be working out very nice for ODF, and if I'll ever have to write letters to MEP's again, because the EC decided MS 'Open formats' are open enough, I certainly will mention this story as a warning.

So thanks for the excellent idea!

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