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Nov 03, 2005
5:46 PM EDT
A year ago you would have made "Today's Big Story". But Sun has become about a relevant as a June bug in December. So, nobody cares any more.

And now that ponytail Schwartz has stopped talking (Thank Goodness that someone told him to SHUTUP) we can forget about those guys.

Still, nice article, we constucted, well thought out, well written --A++++

Nov 03, 2005
6:00 PM EDT
I think it's very relevant- we may think that Sun is yesterday's old moldy blowhard, but they're still a $14 billion company with a lot of influence. And they hold the keys to Java and OpenOffice. So we need to continue to hold their feet to the fire on their linux-bashing and inexplicable reversals.

Nov 05, 2005
12:46 PM EDT
They're also the primary driving force behind AMD and AMD's technology lead.

If you like AMD, you sorta have to like Sun... though I'll admit... I usually go for the bare minimum when it comes to liking Sun. They speak with forked tongue.


Nov 05, 2005
3:04 PM EDT
Sun who?

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