running windows is like raising a teenager

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Nov 05, 2005
4:49 PM EDT
Been there, done that- administering a windows system is like raising a rebellious teenager. "But why are you re-applying my Service Packs? What do you want to see my system files for, that's invading my privacy. Why can't I have a party and invite all my new friends, Blaster, Sasser, and Mydoom? I don't WANT ZoneAlarm! You're always messing with my email attachments and blocking all the fun Web sites. Why don't you trust me? I can take care of myself!"

Nov 05, 2005
5:19 PM EDT
With Teenager's, current scientific theory is that the brain is not fully developed, meaning they are all a little crazy. What is Window's excuse ;-)

Nov 05, 2005
5:54 PM EDT
I can tell you what the Red Book says about personality disorders. I almost did a foolish thing and went into the mental health field once. Got close before I came to my senses. I'm sure that profilers have nailed these guys.

What I don't understand is how to break their hold in the government. What's the Senate break down? GOP 54 Dems 46?

Well, with Microsoft its 99 and other 1.

Then the judges - 100% Microsoft.

State and Government officials - 50 states - 49 CIO's. One is a lame duck. Sorry Peter, I told you guys this would happen.

Teenagers are just like cats in heat. Nothing you can do about those hormones.

Microsoft's management, they're doing heavy health stuff right now - weights, doctors, diets, etc.

But, they need chemistry. Zoloft, Zanax, Clonasapine, Lexapro, Omega 3's, camomile tea 12 times a day. Vitamin C, no stimulants, no coffee or tea.

They need an army of ADD specialists doing cognative restructuring.

Hospitalization for some.

Better living through chemistry for them.


Nov 05, 2005
6:17 PM EDT
We keep pointing to MS's unethical business practice's, but, when we look at the entire government's appalling record with big business, I don't know why we are surprised. Between the self interests, and the shady politics, and the lobbyist's it is questionable whether anything is done for the welfare of the citizenry anymore. MS would never get away with any of this if not for its enablers.

Nov 05, 2005
6:23 PM EDT
Jim: You so right on about that. What a breath of fresh air.

Do you think campaign finance reform helped or hurt Microsoft?


Nov 05, 2005
7:36 PM EDT

As far as the congress is concerned it may have a positive effect, but the main problem is with the whole concept of business sponsored lobbyists. I seem to remember that this brilliant idea was ok'd by a US Circuit Court but really never reviewed past that point. IMO the idea of lobbyists representing anything other than citizen's groups is unconstitutional at best. Getting rid of that whole system is the only real solution.

Nov 06, 2005
5:28 AM EDT
I absolutely agree.

Getting lobbyists to represent business creates a context of adversarialism. The content in such a context is "you or me". Business then becomes the adversary of the consumer. How does that work? (Rhetorical question).

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