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Story: A Year Without (MS) Windows: Completing the Conversion of a Windows UserTotal Replies: 3
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Nov 08, 2005
6:03 AM EST
Hey, for once I think we have someone who can actually qualify for the title "Linux Evangelist".

Thank you Mr. Parris.

Nov 08, 2005
6:32 AM EST
You are more than welcome. I really began evangelizing GNU/Linux with Mandrake Linux 8.0. It took me a while to complete my conversion. It's a bit like my faith - it grows over time with experience.

Nov 12, 2005
8:43 PM EST
Great job! Actually I have been doing so since last year. One year of Linux on my desktop in the office! Completety switched to Linux from windows!


Nov 13, 2005
2:04 AM EST
You know, I have found that actual visual stimulation brings more questions and inquiries than rhetoric. My offices have at least one computer screen angled so incoming customers can see it. Countless times, the tech at the machine has been asked "Wow...that looks cool...what it that?" Of course it is a masterfully-crafted kde or fluxbox desktop. People know they are seeing something radically different, they simply do not realize what it is. This in itself has opened more doors than anything else in my business environment.


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