To Hades with EULAs

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Nov 08, 2005
8:32 AM EST
" If that was stated in the EULA, I missed it. " Eff 'em all. The EULA is the embodiment of all that is wrong with high-tech. The EULA is the embodiment of all that is customer-hostile. OMG, enemies I mean customers at the gate! Should I shoot 'em, boss? No, sic the lawyers on those scurvy dogs who want to purchase our products! Ha! That'll larn 'em!

Vendors use them to dodge all responsibility for shoddiness and deliberate malfeasance. The very act of requiring us to agree to a "contract"- yeah right, a contract is supposed to be result of a negotiation, the only "negotiation" here is take it or leave it- before using something that we bought and we own is the ultimate in arrogance and anti-customer hostility.

Eff 'em all.

Nov 08, 2005
8:36 AM EST
Ask around -- anyone you know seriously _ever_ read a EULA? I have read, like 3, Microsoft EULAs for the hell of it.

Amazing stuff is in there. Sometimes they even put stuff in there about not being able to publish benchmark statistics and so on -- really ugly.

UCITA goes a long way toward putting teeth in the beasts, but not every state (fortunately) has ratified that just yet.

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