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Nov 17, 2005
9:15 AM EST
I think that all the MS 'get the facts' crap is not doing much except further polarizing the Linux vs MS communities. The lines of battle have already been forming up for some time, and, most of the people who care are already aware of MS's History and the intent of the ads. So while the Linux effort is laudable... even necessary, any attempt to counter the MS FUD is pretty much going to be falling on deaf ears.

If there is to be change, and there will be, it will probably come from MS's own continued bad treatment of its customers and the failure to provide a quality product. That is the only way that, over time, we get converts to Linux. In the mean time all we can really do is make people aware that a superior alternative exist for them.

I've always thought it would be an interesting idea to run Linux public service ads on TV.. I know we have the volunteer talent to do it, and, it would, after all, be in the public interest ... Level the playing field and give people at MS real FUD to deal with.

Nov 17, 2005
9:36 AM EST
You have such an upbeat way of verbalizing my gloomiest thoughts. Most folks don't care how corrupt a business is- they still patronize it, as long it sells what they want. Obviously it's not realistic to do an in-depth morality check on everyone you do business with, in fact the very idea is silly, but when it's as blatant as MS, well sheesh, come on, what does it take?

Nov 17, 2005
9:56 AM EST
I just don't know Tuxchick. We all do some of that. I got to admit that I still go to Walmart when it has the cheapest price. I know that's reprehensible, but I just can't afford not to.

MS, on the other hand, doesn't even have that going for it so maybe there's hope :) As people finally realize that there is no benefit in staying with MS, they will finally look around for other solutions. The best thing we can do is just keep putting a positive image of Linux out there.

Nov 17, 2005
10:16 AM EST
Our mascot is "Tux, the Postitive Penguin(TM)."


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