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Nov 20, 2005
2:14 PM EDT
I have posted my thoughts here: http://yalb.net/wp/?p=25

My only other nitpick is where Tom says: "Apple should open-source their operating system, port Openoffice.org to Aqua and bundle it for Intel PC's. Offer it for $199 for a home edition and $299 for a professional edition and the world will say goodbye to Windows for good."

Why would I pay $199/$299 for Free Software which I can get for free? Or do you mean something other than "Free Software" when you say "open-source"?

Also see this page: http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/words-to-avoid.html#Open

Nov 20, 2005
2:31 PM EDT
chalex: Your pricing isn't correct on XP. XP Home edition is $199 Suggested Retail and Profesional is $299. Upgrades are $100 less. That's why I suggested the price I did. If Mr. Jones is making a decision on which to buy, Windows or OS X, let the prices at retaill remain equal. If you can get Windows at discounted prices, then have the same discounts apply to OS X.

Most of OS X is open-source. Aqua is proprietary. I would like it if Aqua was free, open source software. But, I could live with it if not. If I could buy Cyberlink PowerDVD right now for Ubuntu, I would pay their retail price. Why? because I want the functionality.

If Apple has a problem with making their OS available for commodity based Intel, let them price and sell it in retail stores for a premium. They can build that premium into the value of their hardware. For what would you pay then? Their multi-media apps.

I watch people buy SUSE on the shelves of retails stores for $99. I see Lindows for $119 and Xandros for $159 -189. People buy it.

If I administered a large BIG DOS network and I could move it to Mac OS X. I would do that also.

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