FUD in sheep's clothing?

Story: Over 40% of Open Source Developers Fix Bugs in Under 8 hoursTotal Replies: 3
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Nov 20, 2005
6:07 PM EDT
17% of severe bugs are fixed in under 4 business hours. 40% in under 8. And a whopping 94% of developers' machines have not ever been infected by a Linux virus.

Only 2% of developers' Linux boxes have been infected by a Linux virus 3 or more times.

If only they had been running StandGuard by Bytware they would have been saved.

Nov 20, 2005
8:02 PM EDT
In my view this is not a worthwhile battle. Educating people that no virus protection is needed is just one more layer of "conventional wisdom" that we should chose to live with for a while.

We are doing a terrible job at positioning FOSS. The message is too complicated and that opens chinks in the armor that MS et al can exploit.

The message need to be true yet simple. It does not need to include all the benefits of FOSS.

Better and cheaper

would be my choice. Yes Cheaper not some Value proposition business speak just plain cheaper. The meaning of cheap as lower quality is preempted by the word Better.

Harp on the development model when asked and leave all the other aspects out.

The stuff about Freedom and Libre is fine but terrible as a positioning statement. It confuses the PHBs. They think that this is somehow required.

Nov 20, 2005
9:02 PM EDT
Comparing Linux to Windows is like comparing a 747 to a box kite.

By the way, what's a PHB?


Nov 20, 2005
9:29 PM EDT
Pointy haired boss, from Dilbert http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pointy_Haired_Boss

Comparing Linux to Windows is like comparing a 747 to a box kite.

Yes but MS beg to differ, so we need to Position FOSS in the mind of the decision makers and a laundry list of attributes will not do however excellent.

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