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Nov 25, 2005
3:05 PM EDT
It's stuff like this that resides (usually) on backwater, obscure websites to rot away. Kudos to LXER for recognizing the value of such articles. If nothing more, this particular piece deserves not only a bookmark, but a printed copy for future reference. Lots of New Linux Users panic when the mbr reaches "hosed" status. I know I did.

fortunately, my distro of choice, PCLinuxOS has written a script on the live cd to restore a cratered master boot record. Until other distros follow suit, this is an invaluable document.


Nov 25, 2005
3:38 PM EDT
From memory, Mepis also has a repair boot sector option. And, of course, with Slackware it's one of the setup options, so all you have to do is boot from the install CD, run setup, and reinstall lilo. Alternatively, one of the options when booting from the CD is to mount your system normally. Then all you have to do is run lilo. With Linux there are usually a number of ways to do things.

Nov 25, 2005
4:05 PM EDT
With Linux there are usually a number of ways to do things......

Now if the rest of the friggin computing community would just get a clue.

Patience helios, following impatience leads to the dark side.

Nov 25, 2005
4:10 PM EDT
now helios, this linux-fanboyism and winduz-bashing is going too far. with windoze there also many ways to do things:

-BSOD -hard lockup without BSOD -email virus -Website cooties -spontaneous reboots -brand new fresh shiny exploits and conflicts after installing the latest Service Pack -vendor-sponsored spyware -"bad" spyware from the Wrong People -Trojan horses -rootkits -worms -Things that worked perfectly for months suddenly stop working, without any apparent cause

And so forth. So remember that the next time you feel the urge to praise Linux.

Nov 25, 2005
4:31 PM EDT
Yes helios, those red light sabers are really cool :D

Nov 25, 2005
4:46 PM EDT
Gosh, TuxChick! You make me wanna rush down to Best Buy and pluck out $300-$400 for WinXP! Yeah, well, I'm broke. I guess poor 'ole Bill won't be able to take the wife and kid to Paris for dinner tonight.

Nov 25, 2005
5:18 PM EDT
So remember that the next time you feel the urge to praise Linux....

In a moment of Lin-patriotism, I lost my professional bearing. It won't happen again, I promise. Now, just ignore the upcoming story about helios returning fire....ignore, ignore, ignore ;-)

Nov 25, 2005
5:41 PM EDT
helios: all good things in all good time

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