Splendid work.

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Nov 29, 2005
3:53 PM EDT
I've read this a few times now and it's really excellent. You're the real thing: A great writer.

What I like is how you brought your personal experience into the argument. Something about using personal experience and especially from someone who writes for a living and has been published by O'Reilly makes the whole thing real. I thought that was excellent.

Using contrasting voices also really, really worked to tease out the ideas. Wow, that's great technique. I got caught up in reading instead of editing. That takes real skill.

I can say other things about the piece, but the final highlight seems to be the drama that you wove starting with the title. The whole conspiracy, walking the plank thing is like a short story. It's very fresh and provides a classic model which most people have been trained to use unconsciously.

Did you do this extemporaneously? If so, you own the craft. No doubt.

Nov 29, 2005
4:17 PM EDT
I think the RIAA and friends think prohibition will work this time, because they believe in coercion. They believe it is possible, if you pass enough laws and prosecute enough people, to bring everyone else into line.

I'm looking forward to un-trackable BitTorrent. That is, of course, one logical result of prohibition, the "profits" to be made by supplying the prohibited, but desired, action/service/product.

Nov 30, 2005
5:53 AM EDT
I really did enjoy the article,as I feel the same way about it. I'm tired of being treated by most of the recording/movie/computer program companies as a thief. I'm not a thief, I always BUY first and than I make copies for my personal use. So by trying to force me into buying three cd/dvd or three licenses of a computer program because I have several different places I'd like to play the cd/dvd/program isn't going to work with me. I've really learned I can live quite nicely without 90% of all the over priced cd's, dvd's and especially the underachieving new versions of computer program thanks to Linux..

Nov 30, 2005
8:29 AM EDT
Tom, it was not extemporaneous, exactly, though it was quick to write. This stuff has been fermenting in my mind ever since the MPAA etc. started their shenanigans. As old as I am, it still amazes me when grown human adults in charge of giant companies act like monkeys in the zoo: shrieking, chattering, and throwing feces.

Nov 30, 2005
9:03 AM EDT
tuxchick: you do have the imagery thing down pat. By, sometimes those images are rank.

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