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Dec 10, 2005
3:35 PM EDT
I'm not sure why the author of this article reflects on the success of Netscape and then makes a sharp turn directed at President Bush. Having a bad week, are we?

This holiday season be grateful that Netscape didn't to sell out to Microsoft. Be glad that they were the first well-known company to embrace open source software. Believe it or not the U.S. economy is on the up and up and that software monopolies are growing more and more tentative by the day.

Although it's neither here nor there, I did enjoy your speculation "if Netscape would be a dominant company today if it had adopted an open source business model like JBoss."


Dec 11, 2005
7:02 AM EDT
Like my Father says,

"The only thing money can't buy you is, poverty."

The lust for power cut across all political and philosophical divides.

Dec 11, 2005
7:07 AM EDT
So, what I read from this is that the US are a one-party dictatorship with feodal leanings that hides itself behind a phony two-party republic pretending to be a democracy to keep the people in check and make them believe they have a choice in their representation. Nice!

Things are bad in Europe too, but at least there are still a few places with truly working multiple-party democracies. There are subversions happening, but at least there are still politicians out there that listen to the people and have an influence. Look at Rocard (who would have thought the man I used to distrust would end up so well ;) ). And that's just one example...

Dec 11, 2005
7:10 AM EDT

I think you missed the whole point Fernando is trying to make. Often, it seems like you try to murky the issue. You are an intelligent guy, whether you do that intentionally or not I am not sure.

I believe what Fernando is saying is that, you don't have to be politically motivated to criticize what you see as wrong, but we criticize it just because it is wrong. Plain and simple.

I am not a Democrat or Republican . But I too am conservative. I voted for Bush the first term because I believed him when he said he was truly "Compassionate". I was wrong. We were deceived and cheated. He plainly lied to us about many things and still continues to. I don't care whether the Democrats do the same or not, we do criticize them just the same when we think they do wrong too. Bush and his gang are in power, that is where we concentrate our opinions about and at this point.


Dec 11, 2005
12:11 PM EDT
I prefer the "In your face" approach. It seems to be more shocking and effective.

I still don't see what specifically you disagree with Fernando about? Is it the links that expose the ties and dirty tactics between the different parties which one of them happens to be in control of the Government? Or is it Fernando being a Republican but disagreeing with his x-party.

Dec 11, 2005
2:01 PM EDT

I agree, it doesn't seem like we will have good statesmen any time soon. What is worse is, that the people seem to have no idea who to bring into the government. I see no hope from government or policticians. It is a bad situation at very bad times.

Dec 11, 2005
2:49 PM EDT
Abe -


I think that's why I've been so angry with Democrats of late. Not that the Republicans are doing great things: they are more or less being Republicans.

Thing is -- they are vulnerable if anybody would really consider speaking to our better angels and pursuing principled stands on --- well, anything.

Shoot -- They'll lose a lot of battles. The Republicans control the government. But, people understand that. There's such a thing as saying, "Way to go, too bad the other side has all the chips."

That stuff pays off at election time (oh -- that and actually doing a few of those principled things you talk about), even if it loses in-between.

But no. It's like the Dems don't care about winning any more, or, worse, don't care about the voters enough to find out what they care about.


Dec 12, 2005
6:18 AM EDT
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