Everyone should do this, even if you don't buy HP.

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Dec 12, 2005
7:53 AM EDT
For the record, HP does support Linux in some areas, like printing, and some servers. The point of this article is that HP, like many other top tier manufacturers, are afraid to lose their M$ comps, and therefore, only support M$ latest, (cough) greatest OS. Sometimes, you will find them supporting Linux in other countries, where M$ has less control, but we want it everywhere. So I suggest everyone begins submitting at every customer service point they get, and try to push the message up the line. Once a major player starts officialy supporting Linux on the main consumer hardware, a trickle effect will happen in the industry.

Another link I submitted to earlier, was http://www.bioware.com . They have a survey that wants to know what platforms you game on. Bioware, and a few other game makers, are the only ones I buy from, because they do support Linux.

Dec 12, 2005
7:08 PM EDT
...or explain to them that I couldn't buy an hp laptop, so was forced to go with a ruggedised, higher-resolution and cheaper TwinHead R15D instead? (-: http://www.twinhead.com/product_durabook/15d.asp

It's probably also worth noting that a few Compaq ("Hewlett Paquard") machines I deal with (two desktops and a laptop) are having trouble even supporting MS-Windows correctly.

Dec 13, 2005
2:31 AM EDT
I've always wondered what sort of a deal the manufacturers could possibly be doing with Bi11. XP Pro is about $400 in Australia while MacOSX (a much better system) is only $120 despite the tiny share of Macs in the desktop market. Are manufacturers afraid no one will buy their product unless InternetExplorer is preinstalled? I would like Apple Inc. to really join the PC OS market - release a version of OSX for 'Apple hardware only' but release a device driver API and tools so that people can get other hardware running - and focus on selling software rather than overpriced hardware. Of course OSX like InternetExplorer will never contend with Linux in the server market - who needs a graphical interface wasting resources on a server? But first... improve OpenOffice because - well, we all know what will happen to the Mac version of MSOffice once Apple appear to be any sort of threat.

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