A SCO ad on LXer?!

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Dec 20, 2005
4:24 AM EDT
I could hardly believe it. A SCO ad at the top of the page on LXer. For months we have heard about how other sites are tainted because of Microsoft ads. How could this happen?

Seriously though, I can understand the need to pay the bills and I am less concerned with idealism than some others. I hope that you at least had the good sense to get the money up front.

Dec 20, 2005
8:04 AM EDT
You know, we use Google ads. Even though the topics of the articles typically match the ad google sends us, we don't have much control other than that. I just make a policy of clicking the ads over and over. It gets rid of them. At least it did with the "Get the Facts" ad that showed up here a few weeks ago.

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